Health & safety checklist

Patient’s procedure

Upon arrival, please follow these simple steps which were designed to keep us all safe based on the World Health Organisation IPC (Infection Protection and Control)… Sorry if this sounds so formal! 🙂

  1. Remove your shoes upon entry and store them in the box provided.
  2. Use the fabric feet covers supplied.
  3. Wash your hands in the bathroom.
  4. Use the hand towels in the bathroom (1 towel per client). Dry your hands and put your towel in the tray provided. You can use the same hand towel after your treatment.
  5. Enter the treatment room to start your consultation with your therapist. Your therapist will then leave the room to give you privacy to prepare for your treatment.
  6. Undress to your underwear and put all of your belongings in the box provided. Leave your feet coverings on (your therapist will remove these on the table).
  7. Position yourself on the massage table and cover yourself with the towel provided.
  8. The treatment will take place.
  9. After the treatment, the therapist will leave you to get dressed.
  10. Use the hand sanitiser provided OR return to the bathroom to wash your hands. Please dispose of your hand towel in the stainless steel bin provided.
  11. Put your shoes back on.

And this is when sadly we say “Au revoir! And, see you soon ;-)”.

Therapist’s procedure

  • Sanitise all areas: floors in the treatment room, corridor and bathroom; door handles; light switches; toilet and bathroom surfaces; massage table and/or chair before and after each patient.
  • Use single-use head rest cover and dispose of appropriately.
  • Use single-use cotton sheets (to cover the patients) and dispose of in a sealed “wash bag”.
  • Ensure the waste bins are lined and will be disposed of at the end of each session.
  • Dispose of the hand towels in the “towel bin” situated in the bathroom.
  • Sanitise the sealed boxes (the “for your clothes” and the “for your shoes” boxes).
  • Apply the hand hygiene protocols.
  • Avoid touching her own eyes, nose and mouth during the treatment.
  • Use PPE during the treatment (face mask and/or face shield and gloves when required).