Let me introduce you to wonderful therapists, teachers, coaches and personal trainers that I am happy to refer you to, as I have experienced their treatments and services over the years (and still do !). I cannot recommend them enough ! Like me they are here to help you optimise your physical and emotional well-being.

Kathleen Tam

Kathleen Tam

Chiropractic care, acupuncture, functional rehabilitation, movement therapy, pre and post natal care

Kathleen Tam is a chiropractor and acupuncturist with over 15 years of international experience, having worked in Canada, Hong Kong and now in the UK.

She is passionate about helping patients
find the balance they seek in their bodies by assessing and treating faulty movement patterns, relieving tight muscles and correcting postural imbalances.

Kathleen believes in not just treating pain, but finding the root cause of the problem in order to properly correct the issue, prevent future occurrences and teach others how to become better, more functional humans.

Live Karma Yoga

Live Karma Yoga

Yoga teachers, Yogis community, Charity

Live Karma Yoga is driven by Community and Connection, offering Yoga and Wellbeing practices with a commitment to being inclusive and accessible to all.

LKY’s intention is to impact social change through uniting people from all walks of life. LKY welcomes diversity; highlighting and collaborating with community spaces and projects that contribute to the greater good. Pay what you can, if you can, knowing LKY cherishes presence over presents.

All proceeds gained are reinvested back to the community; with the shared ethos “We are stronger together”.

Louise Wellby

Louise Wellby

Yoga teacher

Lou is a creative and nurturing yoga and sound meditation teacher. Lou teaches humans of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds, sharing that yoga is for everyone, no matter your life experience or flexibility.

She has been dedicated to this ever-evolving practice for the last decade and is continuously inspired to share the practice of yoga as a pathway for the wellbeing of the whole person.

Lou is especially interested in yoga as a tool for empowerment, community, equality, mental health and healing.

She offers community classes, online classes, one-to-ones, corporate classes, sound meditation experiences, welcoming young people, wise elders and everyone in between.

Keri Williams

Keri Williams

Emotional eating Coach

Are you tired of restrictive diets?

Losing and regaining the same weight again and again and feeling like you have a love/hate relationship with food?

Keri helps women ditch emotional eating and restricting diets and feel confident in their body again so they can live a happy, healthy full life without food and weight anxiety or emotional eating.

Jacqui Ditcham

Jacqui Ditcham

Yoga teacher, Personal trainer, Weight Loss consultant

Jacqui is a Personal Trainer who specialises in Postnatal and ‘Power Years’ (Menopausal).

She also is a yoga teacher  instructor with 17 years of experience, offering fun filled fat burning muscle making workouts.

Mummyfit classes (Leaders gardens in Putney) : Mondays at 10.30 am & Fridays at 10 am

To get in touch with Jacqui:

Email: fabfit@porjes.com

Tel: 07 947 568 890

Carly Webb

Carly Webb


Carly is the Founder and Director of Vitus Wellbeing. As an experienced Psychotherapist herself, Carly saw the need for more highly qualified and skilled therapists to help with the UK’s rising mental health crisis. Vitus Wellbeing is proud to have a growing team of mental health experts on board – supporting children, adolescents, adults, couples and families – both from their welcoming therapy rooms in Fulham and online via Zoom. 

Email carly@vituswellbeing.com for more information and quote ‘LaTresZen10’ for 10% off your first therapy session.

Tel: 07429 473199 

Web: www.vituswellbeing.com